Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's almost my birthday...(dunna dunna dunna) Happy Birthday to me!

Eden's birthday came early this year...ok, not really...but her party did! She was so excited to have a pink princess party. Honestly, the girl has been talking about it since Ronin's party. I know what you're thinking...'When was Ronin's birthday? It couldn't have been that long ago...wasn't it just your last post?' Yes, yes it was. I'm a decent party planner, and a horrible blogger!
This was Eden's first friends party. She told me who she wanted to invite, picked out princess invitations, and told me what kind of cake she wanted. All I had to do was make it happen. Anything for my little princess! It was a great time. Eden loved it, and I loved watching her love it!

Making her "under the sea" picture

The kids played 'kiss the frog' (the princess-ified version of pin the tail on the donkey). It was so cute.
Last week we watched How to train your dragon. I guess Ronin was really paying attention.
The main event!
Princess cake!

Eden has such thoughtful friends...ok, in reality it's probably the most thoughtful mom's of the friends.
This about sums it up. The party was

Bonus: Ronin video! This is what he did at Eden's party.
I guess he'd keep standing up and just rock back and forth. The kid has some good balance. Every time he saw Dus grab the camera he'd get off.


  1. Oh how fun! You're such a good mom. I'm holding off on the friends parties until my kids beg for them! Your kids are so cute, I'm always excited when you have a new post :).

  2. looks by all accounts that it was a great party. The cake turned out super-princess-pretty and no pictures of anyone crying. (no extra head bruises for Ronin)- so...all's well that ends well! Good job, events co-ordinator Kins!

  3. Fun Party! Eden looks like she had a blast. Princess anything always works with little girls!

  4. Happy Birthday Eden! What a fun party & adorable cake! Love the video of Ronin, can you believe you have a 3 year old?!?!