Sunday, August 2, 2009

Frolicking in the Rose Gardens

Hey Everybody it's time for another Blog post but because of the heat combined with pregnancy Kinsey has passed the Blogging buck onto me bear with me because I'm new to this. A couple of weeks ago our friends Mike and Amber decided to show us the world famous Rose Gardens of Portland, apparently it's the thing to do . Anyways we suckered Amber into bringing along her camera (we really had to twist her arm) and what follows is the result. Thanks again Amber for the pictures. Hope you all enjoy.
p.s. there are duplicates of some of the pictures because we couldn't decide which version we liked best.
Ok- now this is Kinsey- and I know the striped shirt was a bad idea...oh well! Make sure to leave a comment- you don't want Dustin to get a complex now do you!?!