Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just had to add this video

We had been playing this game for about 5 minutes before it dawned on me to grab the camera and record her. Eden has the greatest laugh. We love this video! Ooh- but check out the other post too. That's right 2 blogs in one day!

The secret is out

I guess it's time we share our news with the blogging world...we're having a baby!!! Some of you might have already my sister Amy. She knew I was pregnant before I did! She has strong psychic sister powers. Every time we'd talk she'd say "Do you have something to tell me...?" and I could honestly say "no". Anyway, this post is for her so she can see my growing belly bulge to prove that it's bigger than an"I just ate a big meal" belly bulge. We're due in August and couldn't be happier!

Me and Eden dancing

My handsome (future Chiropractor) husband and our little cutie (who was done with all the picture taking)

Eden and her Dangles

I just LOVE this girl!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 pretty necklaces

I LOVE this girl! She is just the highlight of my day- everyday! Eden is getting to be quite the little explorer. She'll go off by herself for 5 minutes or so and then come back and find me. It doesn't matter if the lights are on or off in a room- she'll close the door behind her- and then you'll hear a tapping at the door when she's ready to come out. The other thing you should know about Eden is she LOVES putting things around her neck (I know it sounds scary...). She'll try to put anything around her neck- like- burp cloths, socks, her dolly, toys, toilet paper, shirts, pants, necklaces (she's big into necklaces right now)- an actual scarf (thanks Aunt Cara- she loves it!). Anyway- this however was a new one...
Hope you get a laugh out of this...we sure did!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good story

It's almost as if Dustin knew I needed something to blog about....

Last Friday afternoon after Dus came home from his gross anatomy lab he did what he usually does- says 'hi' to us and hops in to the shower to get the stink off. Eden and I were playing in her room- when we hear the clippers turn on. No big deal- he usually cuts his hair and then has a shower. So the clippers turn off and the water turns on. Five minutes later, we hear the water turn off (he's done his shower)- but we hear the clippers turn back on. It's like time stood still and everything happened at once. In a matter of seconds we hear the 'buzzzzz' of the clippers turn in to a horrid yell 'KINSEY', and Dustin is in Eden's room all of a sudden. Here's what happened....

After getting out of the shower Dustin thought he had missed a few hairs- so he went to fix it- except he forgot he had changed the setting to get a few stray hairs off his shoulders. He usually cuts his hair at a '5', this is a '1'.

Sad music from 'Arrested Development' if any of you watch that show. In the end he didn't have to cut all the way down to a '1'. We shaved his head at a '3' and it seemed to blend in ok. It must have looked fine- nobody said anything at teh BBQ that night!