Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy Dus

Hello Mr. Smith

Eden, Gill and I are feeling kind of bad that we didn't have anything planned for you for Father's Day this year.
We didn't make you breakfast (We have 9:OOam church...give me a break!)
We didn't plan a fancy dinner (I thought we were traveling today)
We didn't buy you any special presents
BUT we did let you go biking yesterday...and really isn't that the best present we could have given you. So let's take a minute and reflect on all the good times you've had with your bike. Love you hunny!

So when Eden turns out like this...

And Baby Gill tries this...

Just remember who their daddy is!

And here's just a little picture montage of why we think that you Dustin Wade, are the best daddy in the whole wide world. Happy Father's day! We love you!!!

Here's a little something for our dedicated blog readers. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

Last Saturday morning, after listening to our little chatterbox talk to herself in her crib for half an hour, we decided that Eden was ready to be in a big girl bed. That way when she woke up, she could get out and play with her toys, or come wake us up, whatever she wants to do. We were right! She was ready, and she LOVES her new bed (well actually, it's not new- it's her crib converted to a toddler bed). Saturday morning we went to work changing it to a bed- and here are the results...

Yes we had her pose.

Isn't she adorable!

She's been in there for 4 nights now and every morning we've found her in her bed! I just had to add this picture because she's so cute- and because it shows her 'ouch' on her cheek. She stuck her head in the gap between the fridge and the cupboards and got stuck...poor girl!

Thursday, June 11, 2009



I'm with Julie...I'm going to go ahead and blame this post on Emali too! This dress is just so cute!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's not my's the batteries...

That's what I'm blaming my month long hiatus from blog posting on. The batteries died, I thought we had more, I'd briefly look for them, get side tracked, forget about the batteries, go shopping, be driving home from shopping, "Shoot! We forgot to buy batteries, oh well, next time.", Repeat. That's whats been going on for the last month. Other than that...let's see...what have we been up to...

Eden has been spending a lot of time playing on the computer

We LOVE going to the park!!! This playground is actually an early childhood development school- so it's the PERFECT size for Eden! We had a picnic lunch here too- it was a really fun day!

Eden put her pajamas on all by herself! I think she was pretty proud!

Dustin FINALLY went biking and he had a bloody good time! I wanted to take more pictures of the injuries (yes there were more) but this is where the batteries died.

Last Saturday we went to OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). It was SO much fun. Eden had a blast! They even had an area for little explorers ages 0-6 to run around and play. We will definitely be going back (especially if we get approved for a free membership, fingers crossed!)

Eden and her ears.

This is what Eden will look like in 30 advice...marry young! Joking- Isn't it funny though!


She liked the snake too.

This was hilarious! Eden and Dustin were at the dinosaur rubbing station making a picture. When they were finally done Dustin says "Here Eden, let's take home your pretty picture. We can put it on the fridge!" Eden takes it, walks over to the recycling bin, and throws it in! I guess it wasn't that important to her!

More fishies!

Always side by side :)

Eden could not get out of here soon enough. Turns out she does NOT like the feel of sand between her toes! We thought it was pretty funny!

Our attempt at a family picture.

Our address says we live in Portland, but we are right on the border between Portland and Gresham. So this is CSI's Gil Grissom posing with our little Baby Gill Gresham!

Later that beautiful day we decided to go for a long overdue bike ride. Can you believe we've lived here for 6 months and this is the first time we went riding. Eden didn't take a nap that day because she was too wired from the museum, so inevitably on the car ride over to the trail, she fell asleep. We picked her up and strapped her in the chariot anyway. It was like Weekend at Bernies! She was just so out of it! She woke up for the last half of the ride, which we were happy about because we saw a raccoon, a bunny, dogs, horses, sheep, tons of animals. She loved it! I was just happy I could still ride a bike a 27 I had Dustin document it!