Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm a little bit slow...

I was looking on my friends blog- and on her list it says 'Kinsey blog' updated 4 days ago. I thought 'Umm I didn't update 4 days ago...did I? Did Dustin'? And then I realized. I started the following blog about Ronins birthday the other day...or as it turns out 4 days ago, and finally just got around to doing it/ posting it today. Thanks a lot blogger. Way to embarass me. Telling everyone it took that long to do one little post. Guess what...I'm a busy girl. I don't always finish the things I set out to do all at once. Ask my laundry. This post only took 3 minutes. Maybe you could update that on everyones lists (heehee)!


  1. kins-you sound like you've got some anger issues going on. Stop the hating (j/k)...that was a funny post. I know what you mean-you are one busy momma. Good luck with "the party", and yes, we expect a post of that...when you get the chance.

  2. Hilarious!! You can fix that problem just change the date on your blog before you post it. I love Ronin's monkey cake & how cute that you made 2 mini monkey cakes too!!! You are looking great are you spending all of your time on that tred-mill instead of updating your blog?!?!