Monday, June 7, 2010

A family of dinosaurs

Thanks to Grandma Jan and Aunt Amy (and all the Kohls bucks they gave us), we finally bought Ronin his very own stuffed animal! He LOVES Rex...ok, we all love Rex.

I found this video of baby Eden the other day. Turns out we have a thing for dinos!


  1. that was probably the funniest thing I've heard/seen all day! He's grown and changed since last month. Why can't they stay little longer? Thanks for the giggles-the boys will see it tomorrow and laugh their heads off too!

  2. haha i love it!!!! that really is the funniest and cutest sound i've heard a 9 month old make in a long time! love the dino connection you smith's have :)
    ps - ronin is getting so big!!! we need to get together soon!

  3. Your kiddos are so stinking cute!! Glad to have you back amongst the bloggers! I missed your posts!

  4. Holy Cow Ronin's almost Crawling!!! I just keep thinking that he's still a little baby! So cute! Thanks so much for Sophie's Pony! She LOVES it!