Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's just not going to happen...

I started this blog yesterday afternoon. The day went on and I still hadn't finished, so we left the computer on all night so I could finish it today. I had already uploaded the pictures, so all that was left to do was write some witty remarks about our everyday lives and the pictures I had posted. Well, it's 12:13 am- and as my title says "It's just not going to happen." And I refuse to keep the computer on again tonight- so enjoy the pictures-and good night!

Ronin 2 weeks old

Whenever we see this picture we think of Dean and Owen and the funny poses they do for pictures!

Big yawn

Eden, Ronin and his purple mouth

So tiny!

Eden loves getting her picture taken with Baby Ronin

and she just loves him!

Here's Ronin at 7 weeks. He's chunked up a little since he was born. He's almost 12 lbs. now!


  1. Look at you good lookin'! I can't tell you how many times I've left the comp on just to blog and it hasn't happened! ha

  2. yeah for more pictures I've fine with just pictures & no witty remarks if it means you will blog more!!!!!!!!!! Love the picture of you & your kids!!!!!!

  3. I love the last pic of Ronin, he has filled out, what a cutie!!!

  4. he's over 12 pounds?!?! awww - cute little monkey! i know we say this all the time, but seriously i wanna hold him and get a good look at your little guy so let's get together!!!!!!

  5. Good blog, Kins. You and I are all about language (words, spelling, grammar, ...I don't know why I am telling you about yourself) but the bottom line is-the pictures speak even without too much of your much loved wit and vernacular! They say "We are a happy family" (for this instance, anyway!!HAHA)I can't believe how big the littles are getting