Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

Last Saturday morning, after listening to our little chatterbox talk to herself in her crib for half an hour, we decided that Eden was ready to be in a big girl bed. That way when she woke up, she could get out and play with her toys, or come wake us up, whatever she wants to do. We were right! She was ready, and she LOVES her new bed (well actually, it's not new- it's her crib converted to a toddler bed). Saturday morning we went to work changing it to a bed- and here are the results...

Yes we had her pose.

Isn't she adorable!

She's been in there for 4 nights now and every morning we've found her in her bed! I just had to add this picture because she's so cute- and because it shows her 'ouch' on her cheek. She stuck her head in the gap between the fridge and the cupboards and got stuck...poor girl!


  1. She looks so much older in her big girl bed!!!!! 13 more days cant wait to see you & your adorable family!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, she IS adorable!!!you're so brave. Megan was in her big girl bed at 22mo's but I think Erika will be in her crib til she's 3!!!! I just can't see her staying in it...and she can open doors and I REALLY don't want to be woken up early! haha
    this is great though...hopefully the next YEAR Erika will get her big girl bed:)

  3. I can't wait to see, I mean all of you, really soon. Eden looks so cute in her bed. She's adorable. What's Gil going to sleep in? here's to sweet dreams and happy mornings!

  4. Kinsey- I am a stalker, but I have my limits. I went on Amber's blog, but just couldn't comment. So, please tell her she has a great eye-people, landscapes, buildings... I loved every picture. I am glad you have met some great friends.

  5. I love her little bed! I can't wait for Sophie and her to get to play together. She looks like her new bed is her new favorite toy! Sophie still loves her bed and puts her baby dolls to sleep on it all the time!

  6. awwww! she is growing up sooo fast :) what a big girl!