Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy Dus

Hello Mr. Smith

Eden, Gill and I are feeling kind of bad that we didn't have anything planned for you for Father's Day this year.
We didn't make you breakfast (We have 9:OOam church...give me a break!)
We didn't plan a fancy dinner (I thought we were traveling today)
We didn't buy you any special presents
BUT we did let you go biking yesterday...and really isn't that the best present we could have given you. So let's take a minute and reflect on all the good times you've had with your bike. Love you hunny!

So when Eden turns out like this...

And Baby Gill tries this...

Just remember who their daddy is!

And here's just a little picture montage of why we think that you Dustin Wade, are the best daddy in the whole wide world. Happy Father's day! We love you!!!

Here's a little something for our dedicated blog readers. Enjoy!


  1. Sooo cute Kinsey! That video is OUCH! Oh my painful! Hope yotu guys are well! lOVE YOUR blog by the way:)

  2. Happy Fathers Day Dustin!!!!!!
    Dont feel bad Kinsey I didnt do much for Johnny either!!!!!!!

  3. Holy Ouch!!

    Where did he go biking?!? Was this all from one trip or multiple trips? Because it makes us a bit jealous. So awesome!!!

  4. Kinsey- what a great tribute! I bet Dustin loved it. I'd obviously seen some of the pics before, but had no idea that there was video of the crash! But I shouls have assumed, because.. who would have been right ready with camera in hand...preparing for a wipeout?! Can't wait to see you.