Monday, April 13, 2009

Our last hoo-raw...

But before I start writing about that...just to clarify:

We were surprised at how many people missed the fine print on the ultrasound pictures!

We had such a great time with Dustin during his first 2 week quarter break. We were sad that it had to end, but now he's already into his second week back and life (as we know it) is getting back to normal again. On the last Saturday before school started back up again, we decided to make a road trip to Cannon beach. BEST IDEA EVER!!! We had such a great time. We're not in love with America- but we could live in Cannon Beach. Dustin could open up a cute little practice, Eden and I would become professional kite flyers, and baby Gill (that's only his in the womb name...don't worry...) could be a pro surfer (sorry for stealing your dream Griff!). Ahhh, doesn't that sound wonderful. I'm so lucky to have such a great imagination! Anyway, Cannon Beach- we miss you, but we'll be back to visit again. And if anyone decides to come visit us- we'll take you there!!! Don't even get me started on the seafood... Best fish and chips ever! I still dream about the halibut. And they have a cute little candy shop where they make world famous salt water taffy....with a sample bucket!!! Alright, I don't know how I could possibly entice you more to come visit- so I'll cut it off here and get to more pictures.

Eden's favorite part! She just kept saying "Woooooh"!!!

She almost caught him...

ABORT ABORT!!! You're in the danger zone!!!

I love this one!

Dustin put this picture up on his facebook- and for the caption he wrote "Eden checkin' out the sea shells while Mom is practicing for I'm a little teapot." I haven't laughed that hard in a while!

She's so glam!

Trying to sleep- but Mama keeps making me laugh!

That will be me flying that kite one day...

Famous Haystack rock. "Hey you guys..." if you don't know what I'm talking about it's time to watch 'The Goonies' again!


  1. The Beach looks beautiful!!!!!!! Ok I will admit it I only looked at the 1st ultra sound picture ( I just dont find them very interesting) Later that night I decided to look at all of them & thats when I saw the good news!!!!!!!!

  2. Kinsey, you have such a beautiful beach near by!! I'm so jealous!!
    I'm so excited that you're having a boy. THink of all the cute boys clothing, jerseys, shoes...

  3. love that blog and love the caption by dustin and love the one of you and eden on the beach and love you! we will have to come along for the ride next time :) and hey....wanna do dinner some time soon? we miss you guys!

  4. "Hey you guuuuuuuuys"
    One day you can take me there...I own a kite and can eat ice cream til the cows come home!!
    Did you see? I finally returned to the blogosphere!
    Love you, ABDO