Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do you celebrate being 21 weeks pregnant?

By going hiking...of course! Two weekends ago we decided to be adventurous and go hiking the Multnomah Falls. We couldn't pass it up- it was one of those (rare) beautiful sunny days in Portland, and we only live about 15-20 minutes away, so thought "why not"! Thank goodness we were wearing what we were because it was chilly. Sure it may have been 18 degrees, but when you have the cold spray from the falls, and shadowy trees are everywhere...let's just say Dustin didn't need to be wearing his sunglasses, and Eden could have used a pair of mittens! Overall, we had a great time. Dustin never asked me to carry both of his children, he had Eden on his back the whole way- switchback over switchback. It was a good workout! Here are some pictures of our very well documented adventure.

Right before we started the long walk up

And we ended up where the flash is!

Walking across the bridge-getting soaked by the spray

Check out those muscular calves :)


More walking

Kinsey in a cave

Eden looks freaked out because she's dangling over the edge of a cliff...does this remind anyone else of a Michael Jackson incident...jk!

High fives! I love these two little best friends!

I don't know why I'm doing a weird scrunchy face-but everyone else looks cute! Eden is pointing at a per use.

Aren't they cute together?!!

I love that everything is COVERED in moss! It was so beautiful up here!

Eden wanted to run off by herself- but everything here was a little bit too "slippy" (as Bear Grylls would say...I love that word!)

This was the view from the top!

I'm sure we'll be doing this hike a lot over the next couple of years. It was a fun family adventure! And you can come with us WHEN you come visit. Who am I talking to?...more like who aren't I talking to. Chances are if you're reading this, I want you to come visit!

Oh- last one- here I am with our fun little tiny (who I'm realizing wears this sweater a lot) taking the 20.5 week bump picture.


  1. So, so gorgeous! I think we might just be on our way up right now (I hope we were included in the invitation).

  2. You are so cute Kinsey! That looks so pretty where you went, especially since we've been living in the desert for 4 years, makes me excited to move!

  3. Hi! Thought I would comment so I am not a creepy blogstalker!

    Multnomah Falls are so pretty! We haven't been to the top yet. We went with Chelsea when she was first pregnant, and Benson just wanted to wander...not a good mix. haha! Your pictures make me want to see it from the top! And good job hiking to the top while pregnant!

  4. Great pics!!! I really want to come to portland! Good for you for hiking!! I'm so lazy when I'm pregnant. You look great by the way. Cutest little bump!

  5. I was just going to say that I tried to do that hike Presidents Day weekend but only made it halfway up, but Julie beat me to it! Gorgeous area though! You are looking so good! Let me know when you want to look at the boy clothes.

  6. So fun! I want to hike all the way to the top. We tried in October, but I was 9 months pregnant and I couldn't make it the whole way. Ya, we were trying to induce labor, but it didn't work. I am glad you "blog stalked" me. I didn't know about your blog.