Thursday, February 26, 2009

The secret is out

I guess it's time we share our news with the blogging world...we're having a baby!!! Some of you might have already my sister Amy. She knew I was pregnant before I did! She has strong psychic sister powers. Every time we'd talk she'd say "Do you have something to tell me...?" and I could honestly say "no". Anyway, this post is for her so she can see my growing belly bulge to prove that it's bigger than an"I just ate a big meal" belly bulge. We're due in August and couldn't be happier!

Me and Eden dancing

My handsome (future Chiropractor) husband and our little cutie (who was done with all the picture taking)

Eden and her Dangles

I just LOVE this girl!


  1. those pigtails are to die for! i love them and i love that little belly of yours :) eden is gonna be such a good big sister!

  2. I am so excited for you! You look so great!

  3. Hurray! i am soooo excited for you! i love the piggy tails, callie can finally have them now too! You look great by the way!

  4. Congradulations Kinsey! That is so awesome. Eden is seriously so cute, your next one will be adorable too I'm sure. You make me jealous with your cute little belly and skinny little legs!

  5. No one has really dedicated a blog post to me before! What's the appropriate etiquette? Do I have to send a hand written that you or is leaving this thank you message appropriate?J/K Kinsey, you look great and we are SO happy for your little family. Just remember, if this baby does not live up to Eden standards we get him/her!!
    PS Isn't it so freeing to have finally told the blog world your little secret?
    We love you

  6. Yeah! Now my girls will have two little ones that they wished lived at our house (Eden is a common topic of conversation at the dinner table). And by the way, I agree, Amy is totally psychic.