Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 pretty necklaces

I LOVE this girl! She is just the highlight of my day- everyday! Eden is getting to be quite the little explorer. She'll go off by herself for 5 minutes or so and then come back and find me. It doesn't matter if the lights are on or off in a room- she'll close the door behind her- and then you'll hear a tapping at the door when she's ready to come out. The other thing you should know about Eden is she LOVES putting things around her neck (I know it sounds scary...). She'll try to put anything around her neck- like- burp cloths, socks, her dolly, toys, toilet paper, shirts, pants, necklaces (she's big into necklaces right now)- an actual scarf (thanks Aunt Cara- she loves it!). Anyway- this however was a new one...
Hope you get a laugh out of this...we sure did!!!


  1. Hey Kins,
    I randomly stumbled across your blog, and was so happy to find it. I love Eden's "necklaces". Too hilarious. And her dancing is so awesome. Seriously, she's got some really great moves already.
    From Julie
    PS - Poor Dustin and his hair. Or lack thereof.

  2. Oh my goodness, she's so funny! And adorable!

  3. Oh, Kinsey! She is to die for!

  4. OH my gosh!! that was SO FUNNY!!!!
    It must be an age thing b/c Erika is CONSTANTLY putting necklaces on....ALL of them...every one she can find!
    I'm seriously inlove with Eden..it's like having 2 of my little Erikas. I need to give you those shoes!

  5. Bahaaaa...at least she chose the clean ones!!!

  6. I'm so sorry...I have to post again, for my children. They would like Eden to come and live at our house. They think she is crazy, just like them. We have watched this video about 27 times and laugh equally as hard every time.

  7. I love it she is so cute!!!!!!!!! Ella does the same thing when ever I fold laundry.