Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two little monkeys jumping on a bed...

So this happened about a month ago, but I decided it had to be one of my very first blog entries. Eden and Dustin were playing 'who can make a louder noise when they fall on the bed'. Dustin was laying down on his side- he would pick up his hands and smack the duvet to make a loud noise. Eden thought this was SO funny, so she gets up on her knees and throws her whole body on the duvet making the same funny loud noise. This goes on for about five minutes- smack the duvet- giggle giggle giggle- smack the duvet- giggle giggle giggle-CRACK- AHHH!!! Eden had pulled one her signature moves. She held her arms out and open like she wanted a hug and then headbutted Dustin so hard they both had tears in their eyes. Actually, they might have both had tears coming out of their eyes too.

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  1. Kinsey! It's Amy's long lost friend, Megan. I saw your blog link on Amy's and couldn't resist. I realize that this makes me a blog stalker, but, I really don't care. It's been so long, I'm disappointed that there's no picture of you...however, I'm so excited to see Eden. She is too die for, and I LOVE her name. Amy told me about the drama with your move. I hope everything has settled down. Good luck!