Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clifford the teenaged girl???

Over the weekend we went to Barnes and Noble where we heard that Clifford the big, red dog would be making an appearance. We were so excited- we thought Eden was going to LOVE it....but here's what really happened. We got there right as Clifford showed up- 11:05am- Clifford sat down- we sang the hokey pokey- the kids got their picture taken- Clifford left- the kids got coloring sheets- and by 11:20 we were out of Barnes and Noble. The car ride TO the mall took longer than that! Oh well. Too be honest- I don't think the teenaged girl in the costume wanted to be there. Hopefully next time they get someone a little more animated.

" me mom! Sure it looks like a dog on the outside- but look at his eyes- there's a girl in there mom... he ate her and now he's going to eat me too!!"

Here's Eden and her little friend AJ. As you can see they just LOVED sitting with Clifford!

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