Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Naps

In the Smith household, everyone takes a nap on Sunday afternoon...everyone except me that is. I always think I'd better take advantage of this quiet time and do something or read something....or be creepy and take pictures of my family sleeping...heeheehee!
Awww...don't they look peaceful!

But sadly, all good things must come to an end.


  1. Hi Freaky! You are not allowed to come to my house with a camera. J/K Cute pictures. Ronin looks so different-older- and kinda like Brad's boys. Happy day in Oregon!

  2. Aww Ronin is so big! Cute pictures! I love Sunday naps too! For some reason if a nap is taken on Sunday it is soooo much better than a nap taken on any other day. Plus, I don't feel as lazy. =)

  3. love us our sunday naps too! i agree on taking advantage of the quiet time though :) not very often that comes around for us mamas! that 1st pic is too cute by the way!

  4. Oh that face is just too funny! I must admit that I love my Sunday naps but then again I like my weekday naps too...jk!