Sunday, March 29, 2009

BUNS in the oven...???

I can't believe it either! I even got a second opinion. I guess I always wanted them in there. I didn't think it would ever happen, but there's more than one in there!!! It just seemed like a lot of work and responsibility. I mean so many things could go wrong. I went through all the emotions...excited, nervous, apprehensive, overwhelmed...hungry...

Wait...what did you think I was talking about? Oh no! I was talking about these!

Let me clear things up for you. When I said "I can't believe it either!" I was refering to the fact that I had actually taken the time to make home-made buns. "I even got a second opinion" meaning I asked Dustin "Can you believe there are really buns in our oven?!" so he got up and double checked- and said "Yup- there's buns in our oven.""I didn't think it would ever happen, but there's more than one in there!!!"...oh that... I've made bread before ( or one single big bun...) but never have I made buns! "It just seemed like a lot of work and responsibility. I mean so many things could go wrong." Isn't this self explanitory...I'm working with a lot of disadvantages- being a novice bun maker- crazy american flour (oh how I miss Canadian Robin Hood All Purpose Flour)- and not knowing if instant rise yeast worked the same as rapid rise yeast. By the time they were in the oven I had lost hope. I didn't want to think in just a matter of 20 minutes- my hours of prep time could amount to 9 cups of flour in the garbage. Luckily they turned out pretty delicious! I ate 4, or maybe it was 5 that night alone...Mmm...buns!

It's going to be a long post- so go take a break if you need one. Go get some food, Dad- call Mom down stairs to look at what you do- and I'll continue.

Here are some pictures of our cutie girl Eden.

She's getting so big. And she's quite the talker too!

She likes to brush her teeth- except when it's bedtime and mommy and daddy need to help. Then she sometimes throws a fit!

Oh! I moved my underwear drawer up so she couldn't reach it anymore, but I forgot to move Daddy's! Almost everyday she comes out from the bedroom looking like this...

I was sick for a while and blowing my nose constantly. Eden picked up on this so whenever she sees me blowing my nose- she goes and rips off some toilet paper and 'blows' her nose too! She's such a smarty!

I know it's blurry and you can't really see... but Eden somehow managed to 'draw' a perfect little happy face on her hand. That's right...she's advanced!

On to the next subject: Thursday night: 6:30 heading out to Eden's very first NBA game! (She looks tired already doesn't she.) Watch for her cheeks to get progressively more rosey as the night goes on, and her hand to go up and pull her hair as she becomes more and more exhausted!

Here we are before it started...taking it all in!

If only everyone piggy-backed would have been a lot easier to walk around!

We found our seats!

Hello Shaqtus

Warming up with Nash...and others whose names I don't know.

Where's the flood Shaq?

I know it's a ford Dad- but it was still pretty cool:) It dropped gift certificates or something. We didn't catch one:(

Eden watching the game

Starting to get tired...(notice she took out her piggie tales)

Awww...congratulations Erica and Steve (who ever you are)!!!

Here we are at half time...

Look at those rosey cheeks

Climbing up the stairs

Yay- they scored- is it time to go home now?

We went with our friends Dustin and Lynz

So done. Take me home.

As we were walking back to our car there was a group of kids (as in people my age) following us- to get to their cars too- Anyway- I 'm sure they were a little intoxicated, but they were going off about how Eden was the cutest kid ever. Direct quote "Aww- dude, look at that kid- she's like the cutest kid ever...look at her way are those dimples...cutest kid ever for sure man, seriously!" It was so funny! Eden was smiling and waving- and giggling at them. She got her second wind once we got outside. Overall great night! We had a fantastic time!

On to the next adventure: Our trip to Seattle! First stop: HUGE REI flagship store. We had so much fun here. Eden had a blast in the playground area. I think Dustin had a good time in there too! Here we met Uncle Bruce! It was so great to see him! We shopped around the store and then it was off to...

Pike Market!!! We saw fish being thrown and people begging for change. We walked the market, and then had lunch in a little restaurant there overlooking the ocean. Good over priced seafood!

Just two guys and a baby

That night we went swimming at the hotel and had a pizza party. Best part of the whole trip! We loved getting to hang out with Bruce! He's the best! Thanks for everything! We miss you family- come visit! Portland is nicer than Seattle- I promise!

Oh- and here's what Eden did in the hotel room while I was taking a shower and the guys were chatting.


  1. Oh man, you totally got me! I was so ready to call Brad and tell him you were having twins! Brad would be quite jealous of the b ball game. We have to go to one whenever we are in Utah. Needless to say we only go to Utah during basketball season. Looks like fun trips!

  2. Cute pictures of Eden progressively getting more tired.

  3. Seriously, you got me too!!!!!!!!!
    Eden is SO cute!! I totally could have watched her along with Beckam!!!call me next time. she still needs to come have aplay date with Erika:):)


  4. Kinsey, you're so funny! I was sitting here so excited about twins!!
    Cute pictures of Eden. She's such a doll!

  5. I cant believe you would joke about that!!!!!!! You totally had me, I was freaking out to Johnny!!!!! Looks like you had a fun time in Seattle. Eden is one of the cutest kids ever!!!!!!!!

  6. Eden's hair is getting so long! The basketball game looked so fun! And same with Seattle! And I totally fell for the buns too.... I'm going to call Griff at work right now and tell him he HAS to look at your blog. Ha ha, happy april first.

  7. haha - you totally got me too! good work you little fooler you :) cute pics from the game and of your little gal and good work on the buns too!